Investment Strategies Panel: Acorn Capital, Taurus Funds Management, Argonaut, Pacific Road Capital

Are we on the verge of the next commodities supercycle?

The panel begins with a discussion on the key drivers for this coming commodities supercycle – how long investors expect it to last, how supply and demand dynamics play into this, and really, if there is such a thing as a supercycle at all. Panellists bring up the role of decarbonization and electrification and the “green’ commodities that are really gaining traction with this global focus.

The discussion shifts to focus on ESG – looking at disclosure, risk management, etc. Panellists discuss how they assess ESG, and the impacts and opportunities for miners, end-users, and investors.

The panel looks at the increased focus on regionalized supply chains and what that means for the industry, regional differences we’re currently seeing, and more.

Questions from the audience revolve around company valuations, carbon capture, producing EV-grade nickel, and more.

Rick Squire, Portfolio Manager, Resources & Energy, Acorn Capital
Nick Farr-Jones, Director, Taurus Funds Management
David Franklyn, Head of Funds Management, Argonaut
Matt Fifield, Managing Partner, Pacific Road Capital

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