Nova Royalty

Nova Royalty

An Essential Investment for the Global Energy Transition

Nova Royalty
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Copper, Nickel
Project Locations:
Argentina, Canada, Chile, Mexico, USA

Nova Royalty is a copper-focused royalty and streaming company. Copper is one of the world’s most strategic commodities and critical components of the clean energy supply chain, which underpins the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Nova Royalty has a highly differentiated portfolio built on tier-one copper and select, strategic nickel assets. Nova has used its first-mover advantage to secure royalties on long-lived, high-quality assets that are being advanced by some of the world’s leading mining companies. Some of these assets include Josemaria (Lundin Mining), Taca Taca (First Quantum), the Copper World Complex (Hudbay), Vizcachitas (Los Andes Copper), and Aranzazu (Aura Minerals), among others.

Nova’s business model provides investors with copper price exposure, diversification, and optionality, while limiting many of the inflationary risks inherent to operating mining companies.

Nova’s current portfolio includes producing and development-staged royalties, with the Company’s primary development assets being advanced by some of the world’s leading mining companies.

Nova currently has a portfolio of 22 royalties and continues to grow rapidly.

Investment Highlights

Copper is one of the world’s most strategic commodities

  • Copper is essential to all major clean energy and battery technologies
  • Major copper mines are among the world’s most important mineral deposits, and only increasing in importance as supply deficits loom

Nova’s royalty model is the best way for investors to participate in copper

  • Nova Royalty has a unique portfolio of long-lived royalties on the next generation of the world’s major copper mines – tier-one assets owned by some of the world’s leading mining companies
  • Each royalty, once producing, will yield decades of royalty revenue for Nova, with no additional capital or operating cost commitments from Nova

Nova’s global network of relationships with 3rd party royalty holders is a critical advantage

  • The opportunity to acquire royalties on large-scale copper projects, particularly from the mining companies developing them, is extremely rare
  • Nova has key relationships in every major copper camp and has systematically identified the most strategic assets and 3rd party royalty holders
  • Nova has consistently acquired royalties on high-quality, strategic assets from 3rd party royalty holders that obtained the initial royalty in exchange for selling their deposit to a mining company

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