The Assay TV: Rick Squire, Portfolio Manager at Acorn Capital

Rick Squire, Portfolio Manager at Acorn Capital sat down with Assay TV to discuss the outlook for battery metals investment. In a fascinating conversation Rick shared his thoughts on the prospects for lithium, nickel and rare earth elements (neodymium and praseodymium in particular) at a time when demand for EVs and renewal energy is ramping up fast. We discuss how Acorn weighs up the technical risks of investing in metals that often require complex processing to produce saleable end products. And we look into the implications of growing competition among car manufacturers to secure their own supply of battery raw materials.

Rick Squire is a Portfolio Manger with responsibility for the provision of research and selection of holdings in the Resources and Energy sectors, undertaking fundamental investment research on companies within those sectors and selecting stocks for the inclusion in client portfolios. Rick is a geologist with over 20 years of experience across the mining, exploration and research of mineral deposits, with the past 7 years in mining finance. Rick holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from Monash University as well as a PhD from the University of Tasmania.

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