Mining Investment Leaders Panel: Orion, Credit Suisse, Dundee Corporation, Rosseau Asset Management

Investment leaders discuss the opportunity in mining and minerals extraction amid a faltering macroeconomic backdrop.

• Macro-economic factors investors are paying most attention to: US election impact on metals and mining; what happens to the dollar; monetary policy?
• Are mined commodities rightly regaining their lustre for investors looking to rotate capital out of other underperforming sectors?
• The gold market – will the bull run continue into 2021?; Appetite of large institutions and pension funds for exposure to gold / gold producers?; What do the upcoming London listings indicate?; Could the gold run lead to a broader metals bull market?
• Public vs private – where can we expect risk capital to come from and how is the capital formation journey evolving for miners?
• Thoughts on M&A – will activity pick up? – How badly has Covid-19 hampered dealflow in the sector or is this purely a cyclical issue?
• ESG trends – Do miners know what to do and are they doing it to a level shareholders expect?; Which ESG performance criteria are proving harder to track?

Jon Lamb, Portfolio Manager, Orion
Fahad Tariq, VP, Equity Research Analyst, Credit Suisse
Jonathan Goodman, Chairman and CEO, Dundee Corporation
Warren Irwin, CEO, Rosseau Asset Management

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