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Verdant Minerals Ltd’s strategic intent is to create shareholder value through the discovery, development and operation of fertiliser and industrial mineral projects, located in close proximity to existing transport infrastructure, with a primary focus on the Northern Territory of Australia.

Verdant Minerals Ltd’s portfolio of projects includes the global scale Ammaroo Phosphate Project, a portfolio of Sulphate of Potash projects and the Dingo Hill Silica Project. The Ammaroo Phosphate project is a potential large scale, higher capital, global scale industrial project that with the participation of a fertiliser industry partner, could be realised in the medium term. The Karinga Lakes Sulphate of Potash Project and potentially the Dingo Hole Silica Project offer opportunities to potentially develop small scale, low capital start-up operations that could enable operating cash flows for the company over the nearer term.


  • Verdant Minerals is focused on developing its 100% owned long life, low cost Ammaroo phosphate project:
    • Australia’s largest phosphate JORC mineral resource. Potential to be a multi generational project
    • Ultra low cadmium rock. Ideally suited as feedstock for the production of phosphoric acid
    • Low strip ratio, low cost mining operation
    • Simple flotation beneficiation
    • Located in Northern Territory of Australia close to under-utilised rail, road and gas infrastructure
    • Advantaged access to key Asian markets through the port of Darwin
    • Granted major project status by the Northern Territory Government
    • Cleared for due diligence by the Federal Government’s Northern Australia Infrastructure Development Fund
  • Feasibility Study completed for the production of an initial 1 million tonnes per annum of phosphate rock concentrate, followed by a subsequent expansion to produce 2 million tonnes of phosphate rock concentrate after year 5
  • Recent $2m capital raising enables finalisation of Northern Territory environmental impact assessment process and continued progression toward a Final Investment Decision to develop the project
  • NT Government environmental assessment process now expected to be completed in October 2018 as regulators have been unable to meet their statutory assessment timeframes
  • Federal Government environmental approval under the EPBC Act has been completed
  • Offtake MOUs for up to 450,000 tonne per annum of phosphate rock concentrate
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James Whiteside – Non-Executive Chairman
Jason Conroy – Non-Executive Director
Robert Cooper – Non-Executive Director
Chris Tziolis – Managing Director

Major Shareholders

Washington H Soul Pattinson & Company – 33.4%
Merrill Lynch (Australia) – 4.5%
Farjoy – 3.7%
JP Morgan – 3.5%
Citicorp – 2.6%

Projects Overview

The Ammaroo Phosphate Project is located 220km southeast of Tennant Creek. The project area contains the billion tonne 40km long Ammaroo Phosphate JORC Resource, the satellite Ammaroo South JORC Resource and the Rockhole phosphate prospect. A Bankable Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) are currently underway with the Draft EIS is available for viewing by going directly to the EPA website.


Project Highlights

  • Feasibility study completed, environmental approvals process and native title agreement negotiations nearing completion to develop a 2 million tonne per annum phosphate rock concentrate production operation. Staged development planned in 1 million tonne increments
  • Federal Government approval granted under EPBC Act. NT Environmental Impact Assessment in Final Phase. Final drafting underway and final sign off meeting with Native Title Holders on country pending
    • Resource is shallow, free digging, moderate grade phosphate ore resulting in very low mining costs. Beneficiated to a 33% P2O5 market standard rock concentrate. Low cadmium rock
  • Mine plan developed for 20 years of mining utilising less than 10% of the known resource. Likely to be a 50 year plus operation. Regional exploration potential is significant and may underpin a major phosphate province
  • Processing routes defined using existing and established technology that will minimise
  • Rock concentrate specifications suit phosphoric acid and single superphosphate production markets in India, south east and north east Asia , Australia and New Zealand or alternately a local phosphoric acid plant. Shipping advantages from the port of Darwin to key markets
  • Assets are strategically located in close proximity to the Amadeus gas pipeline, significant ground water resources and the Central Australian Railway, providing access to export markets through the Port of Darwin, and to domestic markets via existing rail networks

A Portfolio of Sulphate of Potash Projects provide development options to create an integrated fertiliser industry

Verdant Minerals has a portfolio of sulphate of potash projects in central Australia.
They are close to existing transport infrastructure, giving access to markets; and gas, which are both essential for a future SOP operation to be economic

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PHONE: +61 8 8942 0385

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