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U3O8 Corp. is a Canadian-based resource company that is focused on uranium and co-product commodities that are used elsewhere in the clean energy industry. Its battery commodity portfolio includes vanadium, nickel and phosphate for the industrial battery space, and rare earths used in high-efficiency electric motors and wind turbines.

We recognize that success in the cyclical resource industry depends on the quality of one’s assets – that bringing high production-cost deposits on-stream leads to over-supply that results in declining commodity prices and profitability problems for the high-cost producers. U3O8 Corp.’s focus, therefore, is on deposits that have low production-cost potential.

Investment Highlights

Laguna Salada Deposit, Argentina

Our 100%-owned Laguna Salada Deposit in Argentina would have a cash cost of production of US$22 per pound of uranium, net of vanadium by-product credit. That was at a vanadium price of US$5.50/lb – the current price is six times higher. Our aim is to reduce cash costs at Laguna Salada to ~$16/lb – which would be in the lower quartile of the uranium industry.

Berlin Deposit, Colombia

Our 100%-owned Berlin Deposit in Colombia contains an unusual mix of phosphate, uranium, vanadium, nickel and rare earth elements. A preliminary economic assessment demonstrated positive economics that would improve dramatically using current metal prices. The estimated contribution to cash flow by metal would be: uranium, 35%; phosphate, 31%, nickel, 15%, vanadium, 9% and rare earth elements, 7%.

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Directors & Management

Keith Barron – Founder
David Constable  – Chairman of the Board
David Franklin – Chair of Audit Committee
Richard Spencer – Non-Executive Director, President & CEO
Pablo Marcet – Non-Executive Director
David Marsh – Non-Executive Director



Projects Overview

Berlin Deposit, Colombia

U3O8 Corp.’s “Clean Energy” deposit that would produce uranium for emissions-free electricity, battery commodities – vanadium, nickel, phosphate and zinc – as well as rare earth elements – all mixed together in a single layer of sedimentary rock.

The deposit is in central Colombia, midway between its biggest cities. The deposit has a NI43-101 resource with very significant room to increase the resource. A preliminary economic assessment shows positive economics.\

Laguna Salada Vanadium-Uranium Deposit, Argentina

U3O8 Corp. has a NI43- 101 resource of 10 million pounds (“Mlbs”) of uranium and over 80 Mlbs of vanadium at Laguna Salada. Uranium & vanadium occur in the same mineral in soft, unconsolidated gravel within a few metres of surface. The NI43- 101 preliminary economic assessment was based on the gravel being dug with earth-moving equipment, screened and washed with water, and 90% of the gravel being immediately replaced in the trench from which it had been mined – and revegetated. Uranium and vanadium would be extracted from the fine, silty material that constitutes only 10% of the gravel’s mass. Extraction would be with washing soda and baking soda.

The Berlin Deposit

Project Highlights

  • One geological layer contains:
  • Uranium for nuclear energy;
  • Phosphate for agricultural fertilizer & batteries;
  • Nickel and vanadium used together with phosphate in lithium-ion batteries;
  •  Vanadium used in steel alloys and vanadium redox batteries;
  • Neodymium (a rare earth element) used in high-strength magnets for high-efficiency electric motors
    and for high-efficiency generators in wind turbines;
  • Yttrium (a rare earth element) used principally in laser technology and as a red phosphor in screens
    for electronics.
  • Tried and tested process that was used for decades to extract uranium and rare earth elements at Elliot
    Lake in Ontario is effective in extracting metals and phosphate from the mineralized rock from the Berlin
  • Would be amongst the lower-cost producers in the uranium industry;
  • Good infrastructure:
    • Located 60km from the La Dorada port on the Magdalena River which is navigable by barge to
      Colombia’s largest port on the Caribbean coast;
    •  La Dorada is also linked to the Caribbean coast by road and rail (which is currently being refurbished);
    • The Project is located within 12 kilometres of 0.4GW hydroelectric dam; and
  • Project is 100%-owned by U3O8 Corp.

The Laguna Salada Project “- Would Produce Twice As Much Vanadium As Uranium

Contact Details

WEBSITE: www.u3o8corp.com

PHONE: +1 (416) 868-1491

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