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TNG is an Australian resources company focused on the evaluation and development of its Mount Peake Vanadium-Titanium-Iron project. TNG’s main focus is the evaluation and development of its 100%-owned Mount Peake Vanadium-Titanium-Iron Project, located in the highly prospective Arunta Geological Province some 80km north-east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

TNG & Mount Peake Overview

• EIA approved
• Simplified corporate structure enables focus on Mount Peake and TIVAN
• Focus has been on de-risking and locking down final designs:
>> Engineering Designs and layouts for mine nearing completion
>> TIVAN process flow sheet completed
>> Mine area cleared by Traditional Owners for construction
>> LOM water aquifer secured
• Updated Feasibility Study confirms a robust, high-value project
• Permitting anticipated: mine site EIS expected to be approved in Q1, 2018; plant site EIS expected to be approved in Q2 2018
• Final Investment Decision targeted mid-2018
• Darwin land site for TIVAN processing facility secured
• Successful demerger and listing of Todd River Resources (ASX:TRT)

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Paul Burton – Managing Director
Rex Turkington – Non-Executive Director
Stuart Crow – Non-Executive Director
John Davidson – Non-Executive Director

Major Shareholders

WWB Investments P/L – 9.94%
Aosu Investment – 6.99%
National Nominees Limited – 1.81%
Mr Paul Burton – 1.49%

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Projects Overview

Mount Peake Project

Mount Peake is TNG’s flagship project. Discovered by TNG in early 2008, the Mount Peake Project comprises a current JORC Indicated Resource of 160Mt grading 0.28% V2O5, 5.3% TiO2 and 23% Fe, making it one of the largest of the known vanadium projects in Australia.

The project is strategically located close to existing infrastructure, including the Alice Springs-Darwin Railway, Stuart Highway and the new LPG pipeline, 20km to its east.


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TNG: Simplified Corporate Structure

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Strategic Partners

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Mount Peake Updated Feasibility (2017)

  • The updated Feasibility Study includes the result of optimisation work undertaken since the original July, 2015 Study. The overall strategy is similar to the Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) from 2015. The DFS forecasts Mount Peake’s nameplate capacity at 17,569tpa of high-purity vanadium pentoxide (V2O5), 236,00tpa of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and 637,00tpa of pig iron.

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TNG New Business: Vanadium Electrolyte

  • • Vanadium able to store and retain electric charge
    • Advances in Vanadium Battery Technology
    • Vanadium flow batteries store energy in the electrolyte fluid
    • Life of a commercial lithium-ion battery = 5 to 8yrs
    • Life of a vanadium flow battery is 20+yrs
    • At the end of that life the contents of the vanadium battery can be re-used
    • Vanadium Electrolyte successfully produced by TNG from Mount Peake V205.
    • Opens significant new business potential for TNG

TNG’s 100% owned TIVAN® process has been under development by TNG and its metallurgical consultants in Australia since 2009.

  • • Process designed primarily for extracting vanadium, preferably as vanadium pentoxide,  from a titano-magnetite ore body (a geological igneous rock  formation that with iron, titanium and vanadium)
    • Separates the titanium and iron preferably as ferric oxide and titanium dioxide.
    • Existing processes cannot extract all three of these elements at industrial-commodity-grade commercial products.
    • Conventional methods of extracting vanadium from titano-magnetite ore deposits is through a salt roasting energy-intensive, pyro-metallurgical process, suitable for only a narrow range of selected ore compositions and water leach route to recover a water soluble vanadium compound.
    • The fundamental difference and innovation introduced by the TIVAN® process route is that the vanadium is recovered entirely through a hydrometallurgical route incorporating leaching and solvent extraction.
    • Benefits: with the same flow-sheet hematite and titanium dioxide are separated and recovered as saleable by-products in addition to vanadium pentoxide.
TIVAN® Process: The Key Ingredients

TNG new

Flow Sheet

Theoretical flowsheet: Primary and Secondary Crushing

  • • High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR)
    • Magnetic Separation
    • Atmospheric Leaching (leaving a titanium dioxide residue)
    • Counter Current Washing of Residues
    • Solvent Extraction
    • Ammonium Metavanadate Precipitation, Calcination and Vanadium Petoxide Flaking
    • Acid Regeneration
    • Iron Precipitation
    • Tailings Disposal
    • Ammonia Recovery
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PHONE: +61 8 9327 0900

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