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A Path to Industrial-Scale Graphene Supply and Commercialisation – Uniquely placed with multiple critical minerals sought for battery supply chain
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Talga Resources

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Talga Resources Ltd is a vertically integrated technology minerals company with its own carbon source in multiple high-grade graphite projects in northern Sweden. The flagship project “Vittangi” is at development stage and like the rest of the projects, it benefits from established high-quality infrastructure in Sweden including low-cost power, road, rail and ports.

Apart from having the highest grade technical resource in the world, the Company’s Vittangi project hosts extremely conductive graphite that supports a unique exfoliation process that allows separation of graphite particle layers without the requirement for crushing and grinding. The graphitic materials produced are of a high quality and suitable for a range of large volume additive and technology applications.

Talga’s non-graphite assets include copper hosted cobalt as well as iron ore assets which are all to be commercialised to support core graphene developments.

Talga Strategy

Talga’s strategy will see the company leverage from vertical integration to commercialise industrial quantities of raw and value-added graphite and graphene materials/products. During the development phase while feasibility studies are completed and permits pending, Talga will continue to scale up its processing facilities, lock in commercial undertakings with customers and pursue early revenue before full scale mining commences

Talga Opportunity

On path to be the world’s largest-volume, best-margin supplier of graphene and micrographite materials

  • Own 100% of a unique ore body in tier 1 mining and technology materials destination
  • Not constrained to one market – big value proposition to remove a supply and pricing bottleneck across multiple large markets
  • Business model revolves around making real world products perform better and with new functionality today
  • End users currently validating the products and strategy to deliver business case
  • Talga’s markets totally different to flake graphite players with exception of batteries
  • Talga is doing it now, not just talking about it


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Terry Stinson – Chairman
Mark Thompson – Managing Director
Grant Mooney – Non-Executive Director
Stephen Lowe – Non-Executive Director
Ola Mørkved Rinnan – Non-Executive Director

Major Shareholders

Smedvig G P Ltd – 12.60%
Lateral Minerals Pty Ltd <Thompson Family A/C> – 7.05%
HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited – 4.11%
Pelmer Securities S A – 3.76%
Citicorp Nominees Pty Ltd – 3.57%
J P Morgan Nominees (Australia) Ltd – 3.34%
Kamberg Investments Ltd – 3.30%
Yandal Investments Pty Ltd – 2.98%
Two Tops Pty Ltd – 1.48%
National Nominees Ltd – 1.16%

Vertically integrated operations provide economic advantages

Product Development Roadmap

“Technology Readiness Level” reflects where products are in the process towards validation



Talga’s Graphene Status
  • Test processing facility and feed from trial mining in storage
  • Process scaled up several orders of magnitude from conception
  • Process output from Germany feeding inventory, process R&D programmes, product prototyping and samples for industry partners
  • Focus on both raw materials and chemically tuned ‘products ‘where the latter falls into four sectors (construction, energy, composites and coatings)
  • Validation on raw materials and products evidenced by multiple collaboration and joint development programmes
  • Ability to produce basket of goods including few layered graphene, graphene nanoplatelets and micrographite
  • First sales of sample quantities into development programmes
  • Feasibility study currently underway to supply option clarity to lodge exploitation permits
  • Scale up of test facility continues with Phase 3 being commissioned and engineering design considerations underway for the process scale up
Talga Operations


1. Upstream – Source-Unique Graphite Ores

  • 100%-owned Vittangi graphite project near Kiruna in northern Sweden
  • World’s highest-grade graphite resource (JORC/NI43-101)
  • Wide, uniform mineralisation starts at surface – can support >20 year mine life and more for industrial scale production

2. Midstream – Processing; Geology meets

  • Concept demonstration of Talga exfoliating graphene direct from its Swedish graphite ore
  • Multi-academic partners and institutions confirm high quality FLG for bulk volume additives

3. Downstream – Product Development

  • Talga has in-house ‘value added’ product development capabilities – starts with internal prototype testing followed by external validation with end users
  • Products developed by Talga are important to unlock value-add margins (as distinct from ‘raw’ graphite and graphene revenue)
  • Talphene TM, is the brand of Talga graphene enhanced products
Principal Activities And Significant Changes In State Of Affairs

  • The principal activities of Talga for the last 12 months have comprised of graphite exploration and development, including trial mining in Sweden and graphite/graphene research, process and product development through the Group’s test facility in Germany and technology operation in the UK. Significant changes in the state of affairs of the Group during the financial year were as follows:
  • Strategic shift to manufacture value-added ‘fit for purpose’ graphitic carbon products in addition to raw materials;
  • Commercial undertakings including collaboration and joint development agreements with significant industrial end users that validate Talga’s products and strategy;
  • Commissioning of Phase 2 test facility in Germany;
  • Completion of second trial mining campaign in Sweden, followed by completion of rehabilitation exercise;
  • Appointment of European project manager and senior product development/technology staff;
  • Positive advancements across all graphene process and product research/partnering programmes;
  • Increased size, grade and status of Vittangi graphite mineral resource in Sweden;
  • Established a graphene product development facility in Cambridge with the incorporation of the UK subsidiary, Talga Technologies Limited;
  • Appointment of new Chairman, Terry Stinson;
  • Completed the sale of Talga’s Pilbara based gold projects in Western Australia;
  • Capital initiatives raising a combined ~$13.2m; and
  • Significant exploration drilling results and commencement of evaluation campaign across Talga’s cobalt and copper projects in northern Sweden.
Investment Highlights

Talga is an emerging high-tech minerals company aiming to become a global leader in bulk graphene and graphite supply



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PHONE: +61 8 9481 6667

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