Giga Metals Corporation

Battery Metals for a Clean Energy Future

Stock Code: TSX-V: GIGA

Company Exposure: Nickel | Cobalt

Project Locations: Canada

Giga Metals Corporation is focused on metals critical to modern batteries, especially those used in electric vehicles and energy storage. The company’s core asset is the Turnagain Project, located in northern British Columbia, which contains one of the largest undeveloped sulphide nickel and cobalt resources in the world. Giga is actively seeking other projects in the battery metals space with the goal of building a portfolio of quality assets capable of supplying critical materials to the battery industry.

Giga Metals aims to be a premier supplier of the battery metals that will be needed as the world progresses to a future powered by clean energy. The company is currently focused on two of the key metals used in the batteries of electric vehicles: nickel and cobalt.

Investment Highlights

• Giant resource offers strong leverage to nickel and cobalt prices.
• Small market capitalization – lots of room to be rerated in rising commodity cycle.

Exploration Upside
• Copper, platinum, palladium targets in the Attic zone.
• Less than 25% of the nickel prospective geology has been drilled.
• Magnetic targets could be the roots of the system – possible high-grade.

• Strong management team with extensive experience in the mining sector.
• Well connected with capital markets.

The Right Plan
• Advance the project to feasibility.
• Goal to be shovel ready by this market cycle.

Large, Quality Ni & Co Resource
• Turnagain is one of the largest undeveloped sulphide nickel-cobalt resources in the world.
• Sulphide nickel ore is most suitable to be refined into Class I nickel required by battery manufacturers.
• Cobalt from stable supply jurisdictions will be preferred over Democratic Republic of Congo (currently 65% of supply).

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