Summer Test: Sprott Gold Report

Summer Test: Sprott Gold Report

Gold is never easy. So many factors influence the gold price., it is impossible to predict bullion’s short-term reactions to individual economic or geopolitical developments. To us, gold’s portfolio utility is...

Q&A With Gordon  Cheung

Q&A With Gordon Cheung

Could you talk about the Singapore Bullion Market Association – its background and history, and what you do there? The Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA) was established in 1993 as a non-profit...

Will Silver Outperform Gold?

Will Silver Outperform Gold?

This article was originally published here:   While both silver and gold are precious  metals, and are often impacted by the same influences, the two metals have taken different paths...

Has Gold Lost its Safe Haven  Appeal?

Has Gold Lost its Safe Haven Appeal?

Let’s review gold’s recent price performance. If we compare gold to silver, where the major consumption demand of the latter is from the industrial sector, it is notable that gold has been outperforming...

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