In Metals We Trust!


In Metals We Trust!

This Australian start-up is embarking on the disruption of Metals Trading in the Metals, ETFs and Mining Industry markets in 2019.

Traditional business meets Blockchain. METEX will be the first base and precious metals exchange powered by blockchain. METEX exchange offers exposure to existing legacy metals trading systems at a fraction of the cost, while being fully backed by physical metals – A True Store of Value. A few examples of the metals to be backed include Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Tin, Platinum, Palladium, Zinc, Aluminum and others. The METEX Ecosystem is a genuinely disruptive concept where finally the Power of Inventory & Resources is easily accessible to everyone. The METEX Exchange model creates an efficient market which includes Physical Metal Delivery enabling market participation by both retail and institutional investors.

METEX has developed a trading platform utilising blockchain tech where the trading of metals and commodities backed ETFs can be executed directly by all market participants globally. In October 2018 METEX created its first CSA Basket “ETF” and by the end of 2018 the CSA Basket was up 22%.

METEX is a company that focuses on the exchange of Base & Precious Metals. Taking Metals trading to the masses.

METEX is currently in negotiations with Canadian institutions to engage a cornerstone investor and within the first half of 2019 conduct an IPO in Canada.

The Canadian mining industry is very similar to Australia, both countries are some of the largest metals producers in the world, yet neither have established metals exchanges.

METEX’s aim is to provide large institutions with exposure to mining companies with a product where they can hedge their positions or balance their portfolios. Producers and end users will be able to trade directly where we hope to make metals markets more efficient. At the same time, we aim to take metals trading to the masses globally.

In one line: METEX’s aim is to become a “Metals Bank” with a global trading platform.

This will allow trading at far smaller volumes than the more traditional multimillion-dollar trades carried out on platforms such as the London Metal Exchange. Whether you are a Japanese, Chinese, Nigerian or a US Commodities Trader – on the METEX platform trading will be simple. Importantly complicated contracts and fee structures will be streamlined with seamless and fast execution of transactions with 100% commodity backed metal smart assets. will go a long way in solving current challenges in the metals industry. Simplification of metal trading for investors or traders.

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